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Creating the configuration file for the iDRAC provisioning service

To allow the iDRAC provisioning service to respond to requests from the iDRAC device, you must add information to the iDRAC provisioning service configuration file (idrac-config.xml).

The configuration file (idrac-config.xml) resides in this location: installDirectory\NSH\br\deployments\default\tomcat\provapps

The idrac-config.xml file contains user name and password entries that correspond to the service tag of each iDRAC device. Initially, the file contains only the format for this information; you edit the file and add the information for your iDRAC devices.

Then when the iDRAC device sends a request to the provisioning service, the service uses the configuration file to identify the device and send the appropriate user name and password to it.

Before you begin

Gather the following information for each iDRAC device:

  • Service tag for the iDRAC device. (You can get this tag from the System summary on the iDRAC web console or from the iDRAC BIOS information.)
  • Encrypted password for the device. Use the blenc utility in Network Shell to generate the encrypted password.

To set up the configuration file

  1. Open the idrac-config.xml file in a text editor.
  2. Add an entry for each iDRAC device, using the format:

    <IDRAC ServiceTag="XXXX">
    <IDRAC ServiceTag="YYYY">
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