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Reviewing minimum requirements for IBM PowerVM environments

This topic lists the system requirements and access and privileges required to implement provisioning of IBM PowerVM virtual machines. The topic includes the following sections:

System requirements (IBM PowerVM)

To employ BMC Server Automation in an IBM PowerVM virtual environment, you must have the following minimum hardware and software:

  • One IBM frame (POWER 5, POWER 6, or POWER 7)
  • One HMC (version 6 or later) which manages the frame
  • One AIX server (version 5.1 or later) to act as a proxy server for the frame

The Application Server must be allowed SSH/Telnet access to the HMC.

Access and privileges (IBM PowerVM)

Note the following required permissions for an IBM PowerVM virtual environment:

  • The HMC user should be assigned a task role of hmcsuperadmin.
  • The Resource Role assigned for the user should have access to the frame/Managed System/Power VM that is enrolled in BMC Server Automation as the agentless managed object.
  • The VIO server should be accessible using the viosvrcmd command (Connection from the HMC to the virtual I/O server partition over an RMC session) to execute the VIO server commands. This access is required to fetch VIOS additional configuration information, such as adapter mappings.

Where to go from here

Adding the AIX server and IBM frame object to BMC Server Automation

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