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Creating users

Creating a user in RBAC sets up a user account so individuals can access BMC Server Automation.

The definition of a user includes the user's password, and it assigns one or more roles to the user. For example, you can create a user named "mary" and assign her Senior Administrator and Web Administrator roles. You can create another user named "joe" and assign him a Junior Administrator Role.

A user can be assigned to multiple roles, but that user can only assume one role at a time. If a user is assigned to multiple roles, BMC Server Automation forces the user to select a role when logging on. However, users have the option to change roles during a session. If you have set up Network Shell to authenticate users using SRP, those users too are forced to choose a role if they have been assigned to multiple roles.

When you add a user to a role or delete a user from a role, you should run an ACL Push Job for all servers to which that role has been granted access. The ACL Push Job uses information from the role definition to translate the access control list (ACL) for each server into a users configuration file on that server. For more information about pushing ACLs, see Controlling server access with agent ACLs.

Use the following procedure to create a user. Alternatively, you can copy and paste an existing user and then modify the properties of the copied user. See Modifying users for information about modifying an existing user.

BMC Server Automation also lets you create users by synchronizing your RBAC user database with an LDAP registry such as Active Directory. For more information, see Synchronizing users with LDAP servers.

To create a user

  1. Ensure that you are logged on to the BMC Server Automation Console as an administrator (for example, as BLAdmin or RBACAdmin).
  2. In the RBAC Manager folder, select Users.
  3. Create a new user by right-clicking and selecting New > User from the pop-up menu. The User Creation wizard appears.
  4. Provide information for different aspects of the user, as described in the following topics:
  5. Click Finish at any time to close the wizard and save your changes.

Where to go from here

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