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Creating an ACL policy

Use an access control list (ACL) policy to manage a group of authorizations in one location that automatically applies to multiple system objects.

Changes you make to an ACL policy immediately become effective for any object where that ACL policy is applied. If you delete an ACL policy, the system immediately removes the permissions granted to any object using the ACL policy.

For information about modifying an existing ACL policy, see Modifying ACL policies.

To create an ACL policy

  1. Log on to BMC Server Automation Console using your RBAC Admin credentials.
    For more information, see RBACAdmin and BLAdmin users.

  2. In the RBAC Manager folder, select ACL Policies.
  3. Create a new ACL policy by right-clicking and selecting New > ACL Policy from the pop-up menu. The Create New ACL Policy wizard appears.
  4. Provide information for the ACL policy as described in the following topics:
  5. To close the wizard and save your changes, click Finish at any time.

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ACL policy - General

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