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Configuring RSA Authentication Manager

BMC Server Automation assumes you have installed RSA Authentication Manager and are familiar with its functionality. The BMC Server Automation integration with SecurID requires the presence of a host configuration file called sdconf.rec. This file provides the address of the RSA Authentication Manager Server and other parameters required to contact it.

RSA Authentication Agents are used to protect computers and other resources. BMC Server Automation does not require one to be installed on the Application Server. Users might choose to install an RSA Authentication Agent to help troubleshoot SecurID. If an RSA Authentication Agent is installed, the BMC Server Automation Authentication Service can share that agent's configuration file. In that situation, you do not have to perform the following procedure.

To configure RSA Authentication Manager

  1. Log on to RSA Authentication Manager and define an Authentication Agent Host using the Application Server name or IP address. Then generate a configuration file (sdconf.rec ) for the newly created agent.
  2. Copy the sdconf.rec file to the BMC Server Automation Authentication Server.
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