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Implementing RSA SecurID authentication

The BMC Server Automation Application Server can authenticate users by means of RSA SecurID. If a user is registered in the RBAC system, that user can authenticate by providing his or her user name and passcode, which consists of a PIN and the current token code displayed on an RSA SecurID Token. In some situations the user might be prompted for a new PIN before authentication can occur. If the information the user enters is valid, the Authentication Service issues a session credential to the user.

Configuring a BMC Server Automation system to support SecurID authentication requires configuration beyond the default setup. The following topics describe those requirements. In addition, you must configure a client to use an authentication profile set up for SecurID authentication. See System capabilities related to security and Managing authorizations for more information about authentication profiles.

The following topics explain how to configure RSA SecurID authentication:

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