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Creating repeater server objects

To use repeaters during deployments, you first create a repeater server object in the BMC Server Automation infrastructure.

To create a repeater server object

  1. Select Configuration > Infrastructure Management.
  2. Right-click Repeater Servers and select New Repeater Server from the pop-up menu. The New Repeater Server wizard opens.
  3. On the General panel, enter the following information for the repeater server:




    (Required) The name of the repeater server. This name can be any name. The BMC Server Automation system uses it for identification and display within the system.
    To have the system use the host name as the name of the repeater server, select a host machine before filling in the Name field.


    (Optional) Descriptive text about the repeater server.


    (Required) The name of the host machine for the repeater server.


    If you are using repeaters with File Deploy jobs then you must also have Network Shell installed on the repeater server.

    Click the browse button (three dots) and select a server. (The host must be a managed server in order for you to select it.) Then click OK.

    Staging directory

    (Required) The path to the staging directory on the repeater server. The path must contain a drive and a directory path, for example: /c/tmp/stage.

  4. Click Finish. The Infrastructure Management window lists the repeater server object you created.
    You can edit the properties of a repeater server, delete server objects, and verify that the server is operational and the staging directory exists.
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