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Configuring servers to use repeaters during deployments

When you deploy a BLPackage or software package, the objects being deployed are copied to a staging directory on target servers.

Often this involves copying large files to many target servers. In some situations, copying these objects to a repeater can reduce network traffic. From the repeater, objects are copied to target servers' staging directories and used during the Commit phase of a Deploy Job.


If you are using repeaters with File Deploy jobs then you must also have Network Shell installed on the repeater server.

This approach, called indirect staging, is particularly beneficial if you are deploying through a WAN or you have segmented your network so traffic can be distributed between sub-nets.

To configure servers to use repeaters during deployments

  1. In the Infrastructure Management window, create repeater server objects in the BMC Server Automation infrastructure. See Creating repeater server objects.
  2. Use the New Rule wizard to create a policy and rules for determining the repeater to use for target servers. See Creating rules to determine the repeater used for target servers.

To access, create and manage repeater server objects, your role must be granted these authorizations in RBAC:




Required to access repeater information.


Required to perform repeater actions (Create, Delete, and Modify).


Grants all repeater authorizations (Read, Create, Delete, and Modify). Alternately, your role can be granted specific authorizations:

  • Repeater.Create — Authorization to create repeater server objects.
  • Repeater.Delete — Authorization to delete repeater server objects.
  • Repeater.Modify — Authorization to edit properties of repeater server objects.

Required to access repeater server properties and other metadata.

Server.FileCreateRequired to be able to create files on the repeater server.

The following topics provide detailed instructions for configuring servers to use repeaters:

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