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Excluding patches from servers in the server node

You can add or delete a patch from the Patch Exclude List from the server node for Microsoft Windows only. The patches in the Exclude Patch List will be excluded during the next patch analysis.

To add or delete a patch from the Patch Exclude List, perform the following steps:

  1. Select a Windows server from the Server node.
  2. Right-click and select Exclude Patch List.
  3. From the Exclude Patch From Server window perform either of the following steps:
    • Add patches to the Exclude Patch List: Select the catalog from which you want to add the patches and click . You can now add or remove patches to the list by using the left and right arrow buttons.
    • Delete patches from the Exclude Patch List: Select one or more QNumbers and click  to delete the corresponding patches from the Exclude Patch List for the server.

    The following figure shows the Server node and the Exclude Patch List option.

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To exclude available and missing patches from the analysis results view, see Managing patches through the analysis results view.

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