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Indirect Push Using Repeaters

You can copy a file or directory directly to destination hosts (a direct push) or you can identify one or more machines that serve as repeaters (an indirect push). After files or directories are pushed to a repeater, the repeater pushes it to multiple hosts. By default, files or directories are copied using a direct push.

There are several reasons to perform an indirect rather than a direct push. Copying to a large number of hosts can saturate a network with data. Using an indirect push, you can segment your network and help spread the load over multiple hosts and sub-nets. If you are pushing through a thin pipe, for example a Wide Area Network (WAN) like the Internet, you may have throughput issues. Pushing to a single remote server that acts as the repeater can shift the bulk of a push to a much faster Local Area Network (LAN).


If you are staging indirectly, you must set up target servers so they use repeaters. For more information, see Configuring servers to use repeaters during deployments.

Field definitions

Indirect Push Using Repeaters

Check Indirect Push Using Repeaters to indicate that intermediate hosts should serve as repeaters when copying files and directories to multiple destination hosts.
Clearing Indirect Push Using Repeaters indicates the deployment occurs using a direct push.

Staging directory

Available only if you checked Indirect Push Using Repeaters.
The directory on a repeater to which files are copied. During an indirect push, files are copied from the staging directory to target servers.

Clean up staging after push

Available only if you checked Indirect Push Using Repeaters.
Check to remove all staging files from the repeater host after the copy is complete. Clear to leave all staging files on the repeater host so they can be used in future synchronized pushes, as described in the next option.

Synchronize push to repeaters

Available only if you checked Indirect Push Using Repeaters.
Check to copy only modified files to the repeater host. Unmodified files are not copied. Clear to copy all files to the repeater hosts.
In a synchronized push, you can specify criteria that qualify a file to be copied, and you can specify how that copy is performed. However, these options are only available if you check Sync Push (see Sync Push). Selecting a synchronized push can minimize the amount of data carried over the network.

Parallel pushes

Available only if you checked Indirect Push Using Repeaters.
Specify the amount of parallelism you want when copying files to intermediate hosts. The default value is to update the repeater hosts one after the other, but they can also be updated in parallel by entering a value between 2 and 100. For example, if you enter 2, the system updates two remote machines at a time.

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