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Compliance results

The results of Compliance Jobs show how components satisfy or fail to satisfy the compliance rules established in a component template. Compliance Job results also show the outcome of any auto-remediation.

After running a Compliance Job, you can display job results in a tab in the content editor. The tab contains a hierarchical tree that shows results for each run of the job. The following nodes under each job run present different views of the results:

  • Remediation View — Shows the result of the remediation job launched automatically by this Compliance Job run.
  • Rules View – Organizes information according to the compliance rules defined for each component template.
  • Server View — Organizes information according to the components found on each server.

Selecting nodes below the Rules View or Server View nodes displays additional details about a portion of the hierarchical tree.

The possible compliance statuses of compliance rules are described in Compliance statuses of compliance rules. To view Compliance Job results, any of the following procedures are possible:

To use Compliance Job results, any of the following procedures are possible:

After you display Compliance Job results, you can export some or all of the results of the Compliance Job (see Exporting compliance results).


The Application Server can be configured to set a maximum number of results that are displayed for any failed condition in a compliance rule. If you are running a Compliance Job that examines large numbers of component parts that fail a compliance rule, you can potentially tax your system resources, particularly disk space. If results for a Compliance Job exceed the limits defined for the Application Server, the job run icon shows a warning and the job log includes a message saying that job results are truncated.

By default the maximum number of results for a failed condition is set to 100. To change this maximum, use the Application Server Administration console (that is, the blasadmin utility) to set another value for the ComplianceResultMaxNumberOfAssets option. For more information, see Managing the Application Server

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