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Security updates for SP1

BMC Server Automation version 8.5 SP1 provides the following Security updates:

User synchronization enhancements

The new syncUsersWithAd BLCLI command enables you to perform complex RBAC user synchronizations with Active Directory. In particular, you can now synchronize users in groups that contain members from multiple domains.

New authorization for creating TCP tunnels

The new Server.TCPTunnel authorization now enables you to grant an RBAC user permission to create a TCP Tunnel to a managed server. By granting a user or rule the Server.TCPTunnel authorization along with the permission to run the tcptunnel command, you can now ensure that permission is granted for all other server commands as well.

New middleware support for PKI authentication


This update was first introduced in Patch 1 for version 8.5.00.

BMC Server Automation version 8.5 SP1 includes support for 90meter middleware for PKI authentication. Earlier versions used only ActiveClient as the middleware software to read smart cards. For more information, see Implementing PKI authentication.

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