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Compliance Content updates for SP1

BMC Server Automation 8.5 SP1 has added support for following Compliance Content component templates:


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Operating systemVersionDISAPCIv3CIS
  Benchmark Version/ReleaseBenchmark updateBMC versionBenchmark versionBenchmark updateBMC versionBenchmark versionBenchmark updateBMC version
Microsoft Windows Server 2012   3November, 20138.5.011.0January, 20138.5.01 (Native based)1
Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES/AS6.xVersion 1/Release 2July, 20138.5.013November, 20138., 20148.5.01
HP-UX11.31Version 1/Release 3July, 20138.5.01      
11.23Version 1/Release 3July, 20138.5.01      

160% rules are Native based.

For complete list of available templates, see Compliance Content component templates.

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