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Agent updates for SP1

In BMC Server Automation 8.5 SP1, the RSCD Agent upgrade update is as follows:

RSCD Agent upgrade

You can now upgrade the RSCD agent to the version of the Application Server, by using the BMC Server Automation built-in Agent Installer Job. The installation of RSCD agents can be done through the GUI or through the CLI. The upgrade can be performed on the following platforms:

  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • AIX


  • Upgrading the RSCD agents is done through the Agent Installation wizard. The same wizard is updated with UI changes to enable Upgrading.
  • Shell to native agent installer upgrade is not supported for for HP-UX platform.

For more information about upgrading the RSCD Agents, see Upgrading the RSCD Agent using an Agent Installer Job.

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