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Support for IPv6

As of BMC Server Automation product version 8.5, BMC Server Automation supports communication over Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), in addition to the previously supported Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4). IPv6 is supported for both fresh product installations and for upgrades to product version 8.5.

At a broad product level, IPv6 support includes:

  • Support for configuration of the various BMC Server Automation components (such as Application Server, file server, database, or RCP client) to work over IPv6
  • Enrollment of targets capable of working over IPv6
  • Display of IPv6-related information in Live Browse
  • Communication between BMC Server Automation components and third-party components over IPv6
  • Execution of jobs on targets that are capable of working over IPv6


If IPv6 is not enabled in the environment, BMC Server Automation continues to work over IPv4, just as in previous product releases.

The following sections discuss the various scenarios for adopting IPv6 in your BMC Server Automation environment, whether through a fresh installation or through upgrading the existing version to version 8.5. The recommended way to migrate the communication from IPv4 to IPv6 is also explained.

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