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Installation enhancements

BMC Server Automation version 8.5 includes the following enhancements to installation functionality:

Upgrade existing shell-based installers using native installers

In BMC Server Automation version 8.5, you can upgrade existing shell-based installations of the Network Shell (NSH) and the RSCD agent by using the following native installers:

  • Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) on Linux platforms
  • IBM AIX BFF on AIX platforms
  • Solaris SVR4 package installer on Solaris platforms

For a list of the supported platforms for each of these native installers, see Supported platforms for native installers.

Flexibility to change the remote SSH port used by the Unified Agent Installer while installing on non-Windows hosts

The Unified Agent Installer uses port 22 as the default SSH port while communicating with a non-Windows host. BMC Server Automation 8.5 provides the Administrator with the flexibility to change the port used for communication, if the SSH service is running on another port on the host.

Updated JRE installed with Application Server and RCP Client

An updated Java RunTime Environment (JRE, version 1.7.0), is now installed during the installation or upgrade of the BMC Server Automation Application Server and the RCP Client.

Automatic upgrade of the BMC Server Automation Console when the Application Server is upgraded (for Windows only)

When you upgrade the Application Server, the new BMC Server Automation Console Upgrade Service automatically upgrades all BMC Server Automation Consoles in the environment. This feature prevents errors caused by a mismatch in Application Server and BMC Server Automation Console versions. For more information about installing and configuring this service, see BMC Server Automation Console Automatic Upgrade: Windows only.

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