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The following table describes the process for planning the implementation or deployment of the product, and provides links to the applicable topics:

Planning taskFor more informationBenefit
Review the BSM environment recommendationsBSM environment recommendationsProvides information about the environments in which you should install BMC Server Automation 8.5 as certified by the BSM Reference Stack and BSM Interoperability programs.
Plan the deploymentDeployment architecture

Review the topics in this section to:

Review system requirementsSystem requirements

Provides information about:

Review information about permissions and authorizationsPermissions

Provides information about:

Plan for securitySecurity 

Provides overview information about the security capabilities of the product. These capabilities include:

  • Impersonation and privilege mapping, which describes the mechanisms to enable a user to assume an effective user identity and a set of user permissions on remote servers.
  • Authorization, which discusses the process of granting a user access to resources or permissions to perform certain actions. BMC Server Automation supports authorization using a RBAC model and a set of very granular access control lists (ACLs).
  • Session layer security, which discusses how BMC Server Automation uses TLS for session layer security across all communications legs.
  • Authentication, which discusses how BMC Server Automation verifies the identity claimed by a system entity.

The capabilities you implement depend on your own security requirements and the BMC Server Automation system components that are communicating. For an explanation of how to implement all possible security capabilities, see Administering security.

Review the internationalization and localization information for the productLanguage information Provides information about internationalization and localization for the product, such as:

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