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Changing the file server from one location to another

This topic describes how to change location of the file server and move any applicable files to the new file server location. This topic contains the following sections:

To change the location of the file server

  1. If you have upgraded from an earlier version and have any doubt about how many file servers you have, run the file_server_check script to make sure you are using only one file server. (For information about how to run this script, see Checking file server references.)
    • If file_server_check returns just one file server, note the location and continue with this procedure.
    • If file_server_check returns more than one file server, go to Consolidating multiple file servers.
  2. Prepare the new file server, as described in File server requirements.
  3. Update the database with new file server details by running the following blasadmin commands.


    Before running these blasadmin commands, ensure that the database connection information stored in blasadmin is correct and up-to-date. If database connection details have changed since they were defined in blasadmin, update them as described in Configuring a database server.

    If you are using multiple Application Servers, you need to run these blasadmin commands on only one Application Server. The reason for this is that the file server name and path are stored in the database, and all Application Servers use the same database.

    set fileserver name <hostname>
    where hostname is the name of the new file server to which you just moved the files.
    set fileserver location <directory>
    where directory is the directory on the new file server where data is stored. Use a Network Shell path to a directory, such as /c/FileServer, as opposed to a Windows path, such as C:\FileServer.

To move files from one location to another

Before you do either of the following procedures, you need to move your files from the root file path of one machine to the root file path of another machine:

  • blasadmin set fileserver name command
  • file_server_change database script

For example, suppose you had file server ibm20 with the root file path /usr/bl/storagedir and you wanted to change this to ibm30 with the root file path /usr/bl/new_storagedir.

Before changing the references in the database, you need to copy all the contents from //ibm20/usr/bl/storagedir to //ibm30/usr/bl/new_storagedir
The recommendation for moving your files from one file server to another is:

  1. During a maintenance window or some other period of user inactivity, shut down the BMC Server Automation system and move all files from the old machine(s) to the new machine.
  2. Back up your database.

Where to go from here

Updating extended object definitions with new file server location

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