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Configuring the exports file

The exports file consists of multiple entries, with each entry identifying client hosts and the access permissions granted to those hosts.

To configure the exports file

Create entries that correlate the host names of clients with the permissions that should be granted to those clients. Use the following format for each entry:

<hostNnames> <option1...optionN>

  • <hostNnames> is a list of comma-separated IP addresses, resolvable host names, or subnet designations. Subnet designations are used to define a range of addresses (see Subnet designations). Using an asterisk (star) instead of a list of host names defines default options that apply to any host not specifically named in the *exports* file.
  • <option1...optionN> is a list of comma-separated fields. Each option defines a type of access permission that applies to the hosts you have named in that entry. For a complete list of available options, see Options for exports file. If a single option sets multiple values, separate each value with a colon, as in the following:
    Lines in the exports file that begin with # are considered to be comments.
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