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Including software assets in compliance analyses

You can analyze your servers for compliance against compliance rules that involve software applications, as follows:

  1. Create a compliance rule within the relevant component template, with conditions related to the software applications that are discovered on your managed servers.

    To create a compliance rule, open the component template and click the Compliance tab. The compliance rule can contain basic conditions that check for the existence of a software application or analyze the properties of a software application. The rule can also contain a loop that iteratively analyzes all instances of a software application or an if-then-else conditional construct.

    For example, the following loop checks the discovered instances of the Oracle Database Server for an instance named ORCL:
    {{foreach "Atrium Discovery.Software Instance:/Applications/SoftwareInstances/ Oracle Database Server*"}} {{Instance = "ORCL"}} {{end}}
  2. Create a Component Discovery Job for the component template in which you defined a compliance rule and run the job on the relevant target servers.

    To create a Component Discovery Job, right-click the component template and select Discover.

  3. Create and run a Compliance Job based on the discovered components. This job determines whether the components satisfy the compliance rule that you defined in the template.

    To create and run a Compliance Job, navigate to the relevant component template or to any component discovered using that template, right-click it, and select Compliance.

    For more information, see Editing a component template and Creating and modifying Component Discovery Jobs.
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