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Upgrading the BMC Server Automation Console

This topic provides instructions for upgrading the BMC Server Automation Console from a previous version. The console upgrade automatically upgrades the Network Shell.

You can choose whether to upgrade the console or install a new instance of it in addition to the existing one.


The Application Server and the console must be upgraded to the same version, whether they are located on the same computer or different computers.

To perform a silent upgrade of the console, see Using silent mode to upgrade the BMC Server Automation Console.

Before you begin

  • If the BMC Server Automation Console is on the same machine as the Application Server, do the following before upgrading the console:
    • Stop the RSCD agent and the Application Server.
    • Upgrade the Application Server.
  • To perform this upgrade, you must have local Administrator privileges.
  • Before you install the BMC Server Automation Console, make sure that port 9998 (TCP) is not being used. Installation of the console requires use of this port. If the port is already in use, the installer shows a progress bar but exits before launching and the installation fails.

To upgrade the console

  1. Navigate to the directory that contains installation files for BMC Server Automation Console and run the installation program. (Installation program names follow the convention: BBSACONSOLE<version>-<platform>.)
  2. On the Multi-instance selection window, select the instance of the console that you want to upgrade.
  3. On the User inputs window, accept the default selections and click Next.


    (For Windows only) If you clear the BMC Server Automation Console Upgrade Service check box, the BMC Server Automation Console Upgrade Service is not installed. This service is required for automatically upgrading the BMC Server Automation Console when you upgrade the Application Server. (This feature is only applicable in BMC Server Automation 83 SP3 and later versions.)

    For more information about BMC Server Automation Console Automatic upgrade, see BMC Server Automation Console Automatic Upgrade (Windows only).

  4. On the Installation preview window, click Install.


If you stopped the RSCD Agent before upgrading the console, restart it before you begin the next process.

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