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Migrating compliance rules, discovery signatures, and smart group conditions

In the following upgrade scenarios you must run the postmigration file to migrate various types of rules that were defined in the earlier version of BMC Server Automation:

  • If you are upgrading from a pre-8.0 version of BMC Server Automation, after you complete the basic migration of database data using the BMC BladeLogic Data Migration Manager, you must run the postmigration file. This file migrates the pre-8.x compliance rules and discovery signatures stored in the core BMC Server Automation database and converts them to the new rule format introduced in BMC Server Automation version 8.0.
  • If smart group conditions were defined in any earlier version of BMC Server Automation and you are upgrading to version 8.3.01 or 8.3.02, you must run the postmigration file to migrate and update smart group conditions. This step eliminates future problems in database cleanup processes after you delete smart groups.

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Before you begin

Ideally, the upgrade, migration, and postmigration activities should be performed in the following order, so that all the Application Server steps are completed first, and the need for a specific BMC Server Automation Console (RCP client) restart doesn't interfere with the postmigration script:

  1. Upgrade the Application Server on Windows.
  2. Perform the database migration.
  3. Perform the postmigration activities: Migrate the compliance rules, discovery signatures, and smart group conditions.
  4. Stop the RSCD Agent, then upgrade the BMC Server Automation Console

 Note: It is not advisable to have the BMC Server Automation Console and File Server on the same machine.

  1. Stop the BMC Server Automation Application Server.
  2. Ensure that the RSCD Agent is restarted after you upgrade the BMC Server Automation Console.  

 To migrate compliance rules, discovery signatures, and smart group conditions

  1. Navigate to the postmigration file found within the BMC Server Automation installation directory:



    (Linux or UNIX)


  2. Run the postmigration.sh or postmigration.exe file.
    Progress messages regarding the relevant component templates are displayed on-screen and are also written to the postmigration.log file stored in the same location as the postmigration.sh or postmigration.sh file.

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