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Product announcement

BMC Server Automation version 8.3 – Change of Support Status Reminder

Note the following upcoming changes to support status for BMC Server Automation 8.3:

  • Version 8.3.x moves to a Limited Support status on February 15, 2016.
  • Version 8.3.x will move to a No Support status on February 16, 2018

What's Limited Support?

Under Limited Support, no new enhancements will be made to the version or release. Customer Support will direct customers to existing fixes, patches, or workarounds applicable to the reported case. BMC will develop new hot fixes for problems of high technical impact or business exposure for customers. With customer input, BMC will determine the degree of impact and exposure and the consequent activities.

Where can I get more information?

For a full description of the support policy, see BMC Software Product Support Policy. For a complete listing of the support status dates for all BMC Server Automation versions, click here.

How do I get help with an upgrade?

  • Contact your BMC Account team for information about using a BMC Services engagement to plan and execute the upgrade.
  • While not a replacement for a BMC Services engagement, you may also be interested in the BMC Assisted MIGration Operation (AMIGO) program offered through BMC Customer Support. The AMIGO program helps customers upgrade to the latest BMC Server Automation/BMC Decision Support for Server Automation versions. For more information, see http://www.bmc.com/support/amigo_program_overview.html.
  • Click here to visit BMC Communities for details on a webinar that discusses the benefits of upgrading, as well as how to access other programs that can help with upgrading.
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