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Changing the location of the file server

BMC Server Automation supports the use of only one file server at a time. This file server includes one host and one root directory location. In certain cases, you might need to change the location of the file server. For example, you might decide to move the file server from a single application server (with a typical //myfileserver/ path) to a virtualized or centralized file server (with a path such as //localhost/ or //blfs/).

After moving the file server to its new location, you must ensure that all references to the file server in the various files and NSH scripts point to the correct location. A special script enables you to consolidate all such references, so that they all point to the new location of the file server. Before you run this script, you must ensure that the contents of the old file server are replicated to the same relative path under the new file server.


Ensure that you stop the Application Server prior to making any file server changes.

To change the location of the file server

  1. Run the file server check script to ensure there is only a single file server. See Checking file server references.
  2. Based on the results of the script, do one of the following:
  3. Change location of the file server and move any applicable files to the new file server. See Changing the file server from one location to another.
  4. Execute the update_extended_object_script_location script to update the extended object definitions that reference the file server. See Updating extended object definitions with new file server location.
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