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Loading prepackaged content

To create samples of BMC Server Automation system content, you can run the blcontent script. BMC Server Automation provides this script as part of the Application Server installation.

When you run the blcontent script, it creates sample prepackaged content and loads it into the database that BMC Server Automation system is currently accessing.

The blcontent script creates groups, folders, and smart groups that are commonly used by many organizations. In the RBAC Manager workspace, the script creates sample roles, authorization profiles, and ACL templates that are defined to perform many common tasks.

To see a list of samples created by the script, view the log file located at <installDirectory>/br/blcontent.log.

The blcontent script does not create a sample object (for example, a folder or group) if its name, path, and type is the same as an existing object in BMC Server Automation.

To load prepackaged content

  1. Set up your database as you normally would.
  2. Install the BMC Server Automation Application Server and run the Post-Install Configuration wizard.
  3. From the directory where BMC Server Automation is installed, enter the appropriate command:
    • (Windows) NSH\bin\blcontent.exe
    • (Linux and UNIX) /NSH/bin/blcontent

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