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Tools for changing Application Server configuration settings

This topic describes the tools you can use to change an Application Server configuration. Which tool you use depends on the settings you plan to change.

To change:

You can use:

Initial (post--installation) configuration settings for the Application Server:

  • Database connection
  • File server
  • Notification servers

The Application Server Configuration wizard. For information, see Changing configuration settings using the Application Server Configuration wizard. You can also use the Application Server Administration console ( blasadmin ) to change the settings.

Most configuration settings or to set additional configuration parameters on an Application Server

The Application Server Administration console (blasadmin). See Using the Application Server Administration console (blasadmin) to configure Application Servers.

Attributes (configuration settings) specified in an Application Server profile (when there are multiple Application Servers on the same host)

The Infrastructure Management window. See Viewing and editing an Application Server profile.

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