Modifying components

You can modify a component.

Typically, to modify a component, you change the component template (as described in Editing a component template) and your changes are automatically applied to all components that are based on that template. However, in some situations you may want to modify general properties of a component. The most common of these situations is when you want to define an exception for a component so it does not have to satisfy one or more compliance rules. You can use this procedure to view and modify other characteristics of the component, such as its properties and permissions.

To modify a component

  1. Using the Component Templates, Components, or Servers folders, navigate to the component that you want to modify. (In the Servers folder, first browse the relevant server.) Right-click the component and select Properties (if accessed through the Servers folder) or Exceptions (if accessed through the Component Templates or Components folder).
    The Edit Component window opens with the following tabs. These tabs correspond to the panels in the New Component wizard (used for manually creating components). Use these tabs to modify various aspects of the component, including any compliance exceptions.
  2. Click OK to save your revisions to the component.
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