Discover tab for a component template


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The Discover tab lets you create and test a component signature through a Rule Editor. A signature defines conditions that must be satisfied for a component to be associated with a server. All of the possible conditions are derived from parts included in the component template and properties of the target server or the component template itself. The procedures that you can perform on the Discover tab are described in the following sections:

  • Creating a component signature
  • Testing a component signature


    • To associate the components to all servers, define an empty signature. To define an empty signature, do not add any signature conditions. When you select the Discover operation (on the General tab) for a component template with an empty signature, all servers satisfy the signature.
    • The list of parts in the upper half of this panel is not inherited from the Parts tab (as opposed to the behavior of the Browse tab and the Snapshot/Audit tab). Instead, the parts are inherited from the signature conditions that you define through the lower half of this panel, as described in Creating a component signature.
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