Specifying snapshot and audit options

The Snapshot/Audit Options section of the Template Parts panel lets you make choices controlling the behavior of snapshots and audits that are based on a component.

For many server objects included in a component template, you can use the Snapshot/Audit Options section to specify object attributes that you want to snapshot or audit. Some attributes only apply to certain platforms, and those platforms are listed within parentheses in the Name column. A non-editable check mark in the Snapshot column shows attributes that are always included in a snapshot. Similarly, a non-editable check mark in the Audit column shows attributes that are always compared during an audit. Many other attributes give you the option of choosing whether they should be included in a snapshot or audit.


If you have disabled snapshots or audits for the entire component template using the General panel, the Snapshot or Audit column does not display in the Snapshot/Audit Options section of this panel.

To specify snapshot and audit options for a template part

  1. Select a part in the Parts list and select any attribute in the Snapshot or Audit column that should have snapshot or audit functionality enabled.
  2. Select all snapshot or audit attributes by clicking Select All next to Snapshot or Audit; clear all by clicking Unselect All. If an attribute is dimmed, selecting or clearing all has no effect.

For descriptions of several important attributes that are available for selection, see Examples of user-selectable attributes for snapshot and audit options.

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