Includes and Excludes

When you are selecting server objects, the Includes/Excludes list lets you include or exclude certain types of server objects.

The Includes/Excludes list lets you include or exclude software objects, such as packages or hotfixes. It also lets you include or exclude any of the following types of hierarchical server objects:

  • Files and directories
  • COM+
  • Metabase
  • Registry

You can include or exclude server objects by name, and you can define matching patterns to identify multiple server objects to include or exclude. Matching patterns are based on wildcards, as described in the following table:




Match multiple characters including zero-length strings. This pattern does not match a separator character in a path, such as /.


Match any single character.


Match any single character if it is included in the bracketed characters. A range of characters can be specified using a hyphen between the start and end of the range, such as [a-z].

The following table shows examples of wildcard matches.

Matching Pattern



Match server objects ending in .html in the current directory


Match server objects that contain exactly three characters


Match a server object called foo.c or foo.h


Match all server objects in the current directory that have a one-letter lower case extension


Match server objects called web


Match server objects called either Web or web

When you define an include, only the server objects that match the definition are included. For example, if you define an include as *.exe, only server objects that end in .exe are included.

When you define an exclude, any server objects matching the definition are excluded. For example, if you define the exclude as *.log, any objects ending in .log are excluded.

If you decide to combine includes and excludes for template parts, ensure that the includes and excludes do not overlap or override each other.

If you apply the include or exclude recursively, the include or exclude rules apply to all levels of the hierarchical object.


In a certain component template that is used to analyze compliance of server objects in the Windows directories, the following information is configured on the Parts tab of the component template:

  • Part: The /C/WINDOWS directory
  • Includes and excludes:
    • *.dll - included files
    • *.exe - included files
    • system - excluded directory
  • Recurse subfolders check box selected, so that all subordinate folders are checked during compliance analyses.
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