Component usage and capabilities

Typically an expert user defines a component template and then uses the template to discover components on servers.

After an expert user has discovered a component, less sophisticated users can use that component to browse, snapshot, and audit the service, application, or policy that the component represents, even when those users lack a deep understanding of the complexity underlying the component. Less sophisticated users can also run Compliance Jobs on components to ensure the integrity of the components and remediate problems by deploying the BLPackages specified in the component template definition.

Using components, users with any level of sophistication can:

  • Deploy custom applications as a single unit of information to multiple servers.
  • Determine component-level compliance to policies rather than compliance at the server object level.
  • Make controlled changes to multiple servers by translating changes in a single component to changes on multiple target machines.
  • Perform baseline analyses by comparing the configuration captured in a component to other servers.

BMC Server Automation recommends a standard methodology for using components, as described in Process for using components. Following these recommendations can help you implement components efficiently and achieve the greatest benefit from them.

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