Rolling back a deployment

If necessary, you can roll back a BLPackage Deploy Job, using the Undo option from the Job Results view.

To roll back a deployment

  1. From the Jobs folder, navigate to the Deploy Job you used to deploy the BLPackage.
  2. Right-click the job and select Show Results.
  3. Expand the job. All runs of the job and their outcome display beneath the job.
  4. Right-click the job run you want to rollback and select Undo.
    The deployment is rolled back.


  • You cannot rollback or undo a Citrix Xenserver virtual machine or disk that you deleted using BLDeploy. While the Undo action for a deleted disk using BLDeploy might create a new disk, it does not recover the data from the disk that was deleted.
  • The rollback feature is not supported if you have renamed a virtual machine using a BLPackage (this applies to all virtualization platforms).
  • The rollback feature is not supported for Virtual Guest Jobs (all platforms).
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