Editing a Virtual Guest Package


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You can view a Virtual Guest Package (VGP) and review or change the predefined parameters to edit the configuration of the new virtual system (for example, VM, LPAR, non-global zone) that are created from the package.

Depending on the Virtual Guest Type, you see different configuration panels in the package editor.

To edit the Virtual Guest Package

  1. Select the package, right-click and choose Open.
  2. In the content editor, navigate to any of the tabs, based on the virtualization platforms, and review or edit the settings. These settings enable you to use the VGP as base, and then customize the options to suit your needs for the new virtual system.
    The settings on the tabs are very similar to the options you specify when completing the Virtual Guest Job for a specific environment. For information about these options, see the following topics:
  3. Click the close icon and click OK to save the changes.
    The Virtual Guest Package Job Creation Wizard performs a validation check for the target server. If the agent is not properly configured with the correct configuration objects, then the job does not execute.
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