Setting up auto-discovery of iDRAC devices

You can set up BMC Server Automation provisioning to automatically discover Integrated Dell Remote Access Control (iDRAC) devices when they are plugged into your network.

When auto-discovery is set up, an iDRAC device boots on your network and registers itself with the provisioning service. The device is then recognized as a known device (auto-discovered) by the BMC Server Automation system and appears in the Devices list of the BMC Server Automation Console.

Before you begin

In the iDRAC configuration utility, make sure that the Auto-discovery option is enabled and the Admin account option is disabled. To access the configuration utility, press Ctrl-E during boot of the iDRAC device.

To set up auto-discovery

  1. Configure the DHCP server for iDRAC auto-discovery. See Configuring the DHCP server for iDRAC auto-discovery.
  2. Import the Dell Certificate into the bladelogic.keystore. See Importing Dell certificates into the keystore.
  3. Enable the iDRAC Provisioning service on the BMC Server Automation Application Server. See Enabling the iDRAC provisioning service.
  4. Edit the iDRAC configuration file to set the user name and password that the auto-discovery process requires. See Creating the configuration file for the iDRAC provisioning service.
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