Provisioning Solaris servers using a Solaris Flash archive file

You can provision Solaris servers from a Solaris Flash archive file.

To provision a Solaris server using a Solaris Flash archive

  1. Create the Flash archive image. On a Solaris master system, use the UNIX flarcreate command, as follows:
    flarcreate <archiveName> <path/filename>
    • <archiveName> is the name of the Flash archive.
    • <path/filename> is the location where you want to save the archive and the file name.

      These two parameters are required. For information about other parameters, see the man page for the flarcreate command on a Solaris machine.

    • The following example creates a Flash archive named archive-server1-20120125 in /var/tmp, with a file name of server1-20120125-1659.flar.
      server1# flarcreate archive-server1-20120125 /var/tmp/server1-20120125-1659.flar
  2. Copy the archive file to a location you use for provisioning. For example, copy it to the BMC Server Automation file server.
  3. Create the Solaris system package as you normally would, except on the Basic Config tab, do the following:
    1. Select Specify Install Type.
    2. On the Install Type pulldown list, select Flash Install.
    3. For Archive Location, type the path to the archive file or specify a property that contains the value.
  4. Save the Provision Job.
  5. Add devices to the Job, and run the Job.
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