Provisioning Citrix XenServer to target servers

You can perform an unattended installation of the Citrix XenServer server virtualization platform to target servers.

You can provision Citrix XenServer release 5.5 and 5.6. The provisioning process uses the PXE provisioning environment and the Citrix XenServer system package.

To provision the Citrix XenServer

  1. Set up the TFTP Server for XenServer provisioning:
    1. In the tftproot/x86pc/prelinux directory, create a directory for the XenServer files. For example: tftproot/X86PC/prelinux/XenServer
    2. Copy the following files from the XenServer Base Pack CD to the XenServer directory you created. (You can find the files in the root directory of the Base Pack CD and in its /boot directory.)
      • install.img
      • vmlinuz
      • xen.gz
        The BMC Server Automation installation provides the mboot.c32 and prelinux.0 files.


        Copy the mboot.c32 file from the file to the pxelinux directory on the PXE server.

  2. Stock the data store for XenServer provisioning:
    1. Copy the contents of the package directories from the Base Pack CD to a directory in the data store that provides HTTP access. For example, in the document root of a web server, you might create a directory called XenServer_5.6.0.
    2. To install just the base package, specify the path to XenServer/packages.main.
    3. To have the XenServer support Linux VMs: In addition to packages.main, copy the package.linux directory to the XenServer_5.6.0 directory.
    4. Copy the License Key file (XenServer-Enterprise-license.xslic) to a location of your choice in the data store.
  3. Configure the data store for Citrix XenServer provisioning.
  4. Configure the Citrix XenServer system package type:
    1. From the BMC Server Automation Console, select Configurations> Provisioning Configurations. Then click the System Package Type tab.
    2. Under Relative Paths for OS Images, click Add .
    3. In the System Package Type dialog, select Citrix XenServer. Then fill in the information as described in Citrix XenServer system package type.


      While creating system package for XenServer 6.0, select Citrix XenServer 5.x system package type.

  5. Create the system package. Then define its settings. See Defining settings for Citrix XenServers.
  6. Create and execute the Provision Job. See Creating a Provision Job.
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