Viewing device provisioning history

The device provisioning history shows all system packages that were applied to a device. It also shows detailed log information for each Provision Job that ran on a device.

To view a device's provisioning history

  1. In the Devices folder, expand either the Provisioned or the Imported folder.
  2. Right-click a device and select View provision history from the pop-up menu.
    The Provision History window appears. The System Packages area lists job runs executed on the device.
  3. To view the log for a provisioning job, in the System Packages area, click a job run. Then click the Job Run Log tab.
    The tab shows:
    • Details for a particular job run (system package name, start time, end time, status, user, role).
    • Events of the job run log. To view the full text of any job run log entry, double-click that entry. To view the previous or next message in the log, click the up or down arrow in the Log Item Details window.
  4. To view the system package settings that were used in a job run, click the System Package Details tab.


    • If you migrated this job from an earlier version, the Properties section of the System Package Details window does not appear.
    • If you cancel a JumpStart provisioning job while it is running, you might later see an "error executing remove install client script" note in the provisioning history for the target device. This is normal — ignore this error message.
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