Viewing a system package's provisioning history

You can display provisioning history for a system package. The output lists every provisioning job that ran using that system package.

This information lists every device that a system package has provisioned. You can also view detailed log information for each provisioning job that ran on each device.

To view a system package's provisioning history

  1. In the Depot folder, open the folder containing your system packages.
  2. Right-click a system package and select View provision history from the pop-up menu. A window displays the system package's provisioning history, listing all job runs that used this system package. Each job run entry includes the name and MAC address of the device on which the job run took place.
  3. To view the log for a provisioning job in which the system package was applied, select the system package.
  4. To view the full text of any job run log entry, double-click that entry. In the Log Item Details window, you can click the up arrow or the down arrow to view the previous or next message in the log.
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