Creating and stocking the Drivers directory for WinPE boot images

Driver files are almost always required for inclusion in the WINPE boot images for Windows operating systems and rarely required for Linux operating system images. This topic describes typical driver requirements for Windows boot images.
The drivers directory acts as a repository for drivers you need to include in the WINPE boot images. The drivers that you require depend on your environment. Some typically required drivers include those for network interface cards (NICs) and storage area network (SAN) appliances.
Other possible drivers are those for tools that implement scripts that you plan to include in the WinPE image. For example, if you include a script in the boot image for an out-of-band manager to configure a RAID storage system, you might need drivers to accompany the script.

To create and stock the drivers directory:

  1. Obtain the driver files from the hardware and software vendors.

    Be sure to obtain drivers that are appropriate for WinPE. In some cases, you can use the same files that were delivered with the product installation files; in other cases, special WinPE drivers are required.

  2. In a convenient location on the AIK server, create a directory to hold your driver files. For example, create a folder named C:\temp\drivers. You reference this directory later, during the image generation.
  3. Copy all required driver files into the drivers directory.
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