Creating jobs required for PXE-based provisioning

The next step in the provisioning process is to create Provision Jobs in the BMC BladeLogic Server Automation console. You can create Provision Jobs using either of these methods:

  • Right-click a device and select Provision. Select a system package and a data store. This method creates a new Provision Job and executes it immediately. The Provision Job can be reused to provision other targets with the same system package. To reuse the job, edit it, change the target device's MAC address and a few additional system package properties, and then re-execute the job.
  • Right-click the Job folder and select New > Provision Job. A wizard creates a new job and helps you select a system package, a device, and a data store. With this method, you explicitly execute the newly created job.

For information about creating and running Provision Jobs, see Creating and modifying Provision Jobs.

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