BMC Server Automation enables IT Operators to perform complex management tasks such as:

  • Infrastructure provisioning and VM provisioning
  • Full service stack provisioning
  • Application release management

See the following topics for additional information about provisioning and tasks related to provisioning:



Bare metal provisioning tasks and stages

This topic provides an overview of bare metal provisioning

Infrastructure provisioning

To provision servers, you create and run Provision Jobs. This topic describes how to create the components required for Provision Jobs and how to configure provisioning.

Creating and modifying Provision Jobs

This topic describes how to define and run Provision Jobs

Creating and modifying Software and BLPackage Deploy Jobs

This topic describes Software Deploy Jobs and BLPackage Deploy Jobs. You can use these types of jobs to deploy software packages or BLPackages to one or more target servers or components. BMC documentation uses the generic term Deploy Job to describe functionality that applies to both Software and BLPackage Deploy Jobs.

Creating and modifying File Deploy Jobs

This topic describes how to create File Deploy Jobs, which you let deploy multiple files and directories to one or more servers.

VM provisioning

This topic describes how to deploy and manage virtual guests in multiple virtualization environments. BMC Server Automation provides IT Operators with essential tools for the management of the virtual environment and on-demand deployment of virtual assets.

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