Troubleshooting Windows Patching

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Troubleshooting Overview

See the slide deck below for a guide to troubleshooting patching in Windows.


Patch Analysis

Debugging the Shavlik Downloader

To enable DEBUG logging, add the following text to file:

#Downloader debug

Incorrect patch payload

Shavlik downloads the following key files:, and To view the contents of these files, you can extract them and convert them to XML.

The following table presents common issues and the corresponding file to convert and review to troubleshoot each issue:

IssueFile to convert and review
Payload is not shown. URL incorrect or incorrect payload is
Patches are not shown in analysis.

This file also indicates the availability of products and the OS and SP level for each patch.


Turning on debug tracing for cl5.exe

To validate the payload, the Shavlik engine runs the cl5.exe tool on the target. If this tool is not working properly, you can turn on tracing on the target, using the following command:

CL5.exe 2097197 1 <Log Directory>

The customary value for maximum log size is 5000000. This command writes some values to the registry.

To turn off CL5 tracing, use the following command:

CL5.exe 2097197 0
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