Creating new objects

Use the Folders view to see objects in the BMC Server Automation Console and to populate all subfolders.

To create a new object

Use the New menu to create new objects as follows:

  • Choose File > New > Other to open the New dialog box from the Global menu. Enter a filter string to narrow the choice of wizards or scroll through the list in the Wizard explorer tree.
    For example, choose File > New > Other to open the New dialog box. Enter Servers in the filter box to narrow the display of wizards. Highlight Server Group and click Next to open the New Server Group wizard.
  • In the Folders view, right-click a folder (Component Template, Component, Depot, Devices, Jobs, Servers) or an object in a folder. Choose New > resourceType to open the appropriate wizard. For example, expand the RBAC Manager folder. Right-click ACL Template. Choose New > ACL Template to open the Create New ACL Template wizard.
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