Defining a smart group

Smart groups are groups for which you define membership conditions based on object properties.


  • You cannot manually add objects, folders, or groups to smart groups, nor can you delete or cut objects from smart groups.
  • You cannot create smart groups that are based on properties of the type List of String. These are properties whose values can be chosen from a list of pre-defined strings.

To define a smart group

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Select any of the following folders or any subfolder or subgroup and right-click:
      Component Templates
      To add a new smart group, select New > objectType > Smart Group from the pop-up menu. In this menu option, objectType is the type of object for which you are creating a smart group, such as a server of component.
    • Choose File > New > Other to open the New Select window. Enter a phrase in the filter text box to narrow the search list or expand the General or BMC trees to browse to the type of smart group you want to create.
      A wizard opens that lets you define the membership conditions for a smart group.
  2. Provide information for the smart group wizard, as described in the following sections:
  3. Click Finish.
    The new smart group is created. Objects matching the conditions you have specified automatically populate the group.
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