Viewing files using a tail -f editor

Use the Tail File editor option to monitor the contents of log files dynamically. The editor retrieves the initial 100 lines (the default value) and continues to monitor and update the display as new lines are added by other processes.

The Tail File editor is a read-only editor with an available copy function. You can open multiple log files in multiple editors and move between the open files. The default number is five files but you can reset the number (Preferences > BMC > Tail File Options > Open Files). An informational message alerts you if you attempt to open a file that exceeds the maximum number of open files.

The Options pull-down menu enables you to collapse and expand non-file portions of the file to speed through the scrolling. By default, the non-file portions are expanded. You can also tile the open files.

To use the Tail File Editor

  1. Navigate to the Live Browse tab of the object whose log files you want to monitor.
  2. Right-click the log file to monitor and select Tail -f File.
    The Tail File editor opens in the content editor at right with the path name of the file shown.
  3. To work with the log file, use any of the following controls:
    • Wrap Text — Select to support text wrapping in the monitored file. Text wrapping is off by default.
    • Regular Expression — Select to use Java regular expressions. If you check the Regular Expression box and input an illegal regular repression, you receive an error message and Apply is disabled. The Regular Expression option is off by default.
    • Filter — Enter text to filter the log file. The filter is not case sensitive, and it does not require exact words. To execute the search, click Apply. To clear the filter string, click Clear. The filter stores up to five searches, accessible from the drop-down list.
    • Pause Polling and Resume Polling — Enables you to toggle polling on and off. By default, polling occurs at 3-minute intervals. (You can modify the interval by selecting Preferences > BMC > Tail File Options > Polling Interval (seconds).) When you choose Pause Polling, the button toggles to Resume Polling. When you click Resume Polling, the Tail File editor continues polling, filtering, and displaying the log.
      An error message generated during polling is displayed at the end of the text editor and highlighted in red. The error message instructs you to click Refresh to resume polling. If an error occurs, the Pause Polling and Resume Polling button is disabled.
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