Viewing and editing text files using BL Editor

You can use BL Editor for depot files and Network Shell script objects from the Folders view, as well as while browsing the Servers folder and jobs results.

To use BL Editor

  1. Navigate to a text file in one of the following folders:
    • Depot
    • Jobs
    • Servers
  2. Right-click a text file and select Open with > BL Editor.
    The file appears in the content editor.
  3. From Encoding, select the type of character encoding used to display the file, such as UTF8.
  4. Edit the file, using the system's basic editing tools, which include cut, copy, paste, select all, undo, redo, and search and replace. To access a menu of these tools, right-click in the body of the file.
  5. To save the file, right-click the tab representing the file and select Save.
  6. To close the tab representing the file, click Close in the file title tab.
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