Using online help

BMC Server Automation provides online help, including context-sensitive help for many GUI elements.

The BMC Server Automation online help system corresponds to information in the BMC Server Automation space. When you invoke help, you are displaying a topic in the BMC Server Automation space. After a topic is displayed, you can use all the capabilities of the BMC Software Online Technical Documentation portal.

To access online help

Select Help > Help Contents.

To access context-sensitive help

While using the BMC Server Automation Console on a Microsoft Windows computer, press F1. When running the console on platforms other than Windows, invoke help by pressing F1 or Shift F1.

To display context-sensitive help in the same browser window

You can control whether help opens a new browser every time you invoke online help.

  1. Select Window > Preferences. The Preferences window opens.
  2. In the side navigation panel of the Preferences window, select Help.
  3. To make help always display in the same browser, clear Use external browser. To open a new browser each time you invoke help, select Use external browser.


By selecting the Window > Show View > Other menu, expanding the Help node, and then selecting Help, you display an out-dated version of the help system for BMC Server Automation. Do not display help using this approach.

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