Renaming a server using its properties

You can change the name of a server. Performing this procedure changes the name of the server in the BMC Server Automation database.


There are many caveats you should understand before performing this procedure. See Renaming a server for a full discussion of issues relating to server renaming.


BMC strongly recommends you only perform this procedure when renaming the same physical device. That device should also be running the same operating system. Renaming a server so it points to a new physical device or a new operating system can introduce many problems. The only technique BMC Server Automation supports for changing a server's physical location is to decommission the existing server and add the new device.

In the BLCLI, the command Server:renameServerFindByName can also rename a server. See the BLCLI help for more information about this command.

To rename a server

  1. Using the Servers Folder, select the server you want to rename.
  2. In the Properties view, find the NAME property, and click in the Value column.
  3. Enter a new name for the server.
  4. Run an Update Server Properties Job, targeting the server whose name has changed. For more information, see Creating or modifying Update Server Properties Jobs.
  5. In the Servers folder, refresh the folder holding the renamed server.
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