Properties for vCenter servers and IBM frames

To access the virtual infrastructure of a VMware vCenter (formerly Virtual Center) server or IBM frame, the Application Server must communicate with a web service in the case of the vCenter server, or the IBM hardware management console (HMC), in the case of an IBM frame.

This communication occurs through the RSCD agent running on the server (for IBM frame environments, the agent running on the proxy server). If necessary, the agent can communicate with the web service or HMC using a secure connection. For secure connections, the agent automatically accepts a certificate issued by the server.

To set up communication with the vCenter server or IBM HMC, you must provide values for certain properties on each server. These properties must be configured whenever you add a vCenter server or IBM frame to the Servers folder or reconfigure an existing one. The properties that must be configured are:


For more details on these properties, see VM provisioning.

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