Compliance Job - Components


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The Components panel lets you choose the components that must satisfy compliance rules established for the component template. Each component is compared to the compliance rules defined for its component template.

You can select or remove components, component groups, or smart component groups on which the Compliance Job should run. You can also select one or more servers, server groups, or smart server groups. Move objects between the Available Components list and the Selected Components list using the arrows. If you opened the Compliance Job wizard by right-clicking a component, that component already appears in the Selected Components list.

If you select a component group or smart component group, the Compliance Job runs against the components assigned to that group at the time of execution. If you select a server, the job runs against all components on that server. If you select a server group or smart server group, the job runs against all components on all servers in that group.

If you leave the Selected Components list empty, the job runs on all components that have been discovered for the component templates specified in the Component Templates for Filtering panel.

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